Conversations about writing fill me with glee. Emails that aren’t urging me to increase the size of my manhood or offering me the chance to smuggle millions out of Nigeria for a small, up-front expenses fee put me over the moon. Therefore I strongly encourage you to drop me a line sometime, some way, somehow.

Email: nicole (at) bross (dot) ca

Twitter: @brossypants (warning – updated in short fits of mania and then ignored for months)

Pinterest: soupandseeds (personal) and nicscharacters (pinboards for – wait for it – the characters in The Unravelling)

Instagram: nicolebrossy

Facebook: this would be an exercise in humiliation as the only fans I’d have would be my mom and husband. Should I someday publish and sell copies to people other than my mom and husband, I may consider starting a page.

I wrote, now you write.

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